Sponsors & Partners

Thank you to our sponsors

Gold Coast Green Week provide corporations, businesses and organisations with a unique opportunity to reach a group of people with an interest in the environment and sustainable lifestyle, as well as those looking to make a change. This is an opportunity to align your business with sustainable ethos and ideologies and to strengthen your commitment to the environment and community whilst getting city-wide exposure. Thank you to the City of Gold Coast for sponsoring our event this year.

Our sponsors’ support will enable the following:

  • The wider Gold Coast community engaged in environmental and sustainable practises
  • Exposure for your business on a city-wide basis, provide ways to create new networks and partnerships and work on better outcomes collectively
  • Your sponsorship allows us to offer these events to the community for free
  • It will allow unique events to be added to our festival calendar
  • Your company will become a good citizen and will set a great example for all your employees.
  • You will be able to work towards Sustainable Development Goals through your participation and support.
  • Media opportunities included